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Related post: Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2002 19:31:52 +0000 From: Jock Lover Subject: The Quarterback Club Chronicles / Chapter One: Scarlet Nights (M/M/M, Celebrity)THE QUARTERBACK CLUB CHRONICLES Chapter One: Scarlet Nights By in2jockshotmail.comNote: The following story is fiction and is NOT intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of any celebrities mentioned, nor any personal knowledge about their private lives. Comments and constructive criticism (and future story ideas) welcome! The good thing about the New York Giants' Monday Night game against the Eagles was that it was essentially a home game, what with Veterans Stadium being only 90 miles away. Because the practice week following the night game would bbs clips be one day short, Coach Fassel and the staff had given the team a full day off on Saturday. 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Given the highly visible and sometimes stressful lifestyle of the typical NFL or Division 1-A college quarterback, QC and JQC often provided a much-needed 'relief valve' where the guys could unwind and have some fun with their peers.Jesse, along with his teammate and close buddy Doug Johnson, had been a JQ member since his freshman year at Florida. He moved up to the big club immediately after being drafted russian child model bbs by the Giants in April 2001. As he traveled to the different NFL venues in his first season, Jesse quickly became one of the most popular Q members. And why not - besides his genuinely friendly and outgoing personality, Q members soon passed the petite bbs posts word to their friends class bbs about Jesse's prowess in the sack, with special emphasis placed on the ten thick inches of stud meat between the Canadian native's muscular thighs.Jesse was planning to spend his day off meeting up with not just one, but three potential Junior Q recruits. 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Ryan Hart, 6'2, 195, was a very handsome brown haired blue-eyed stud from Coral Springs Florida, while the tallest guy in ranchi bbs tgp the group, Anthony Cali, 6'5, 215, was a dark-haired jock who had grown up in New Jersey, not far from the Piscataway campus. Ryan had just celebrated his 20th birthday nine days before, while Cali and Hart were both 18 (Tony's 19th was coming up in a month).Jesse's place was very private, being located at the very back of a gated real estate development about 25 miles from the Meadowlands. He pulled his Range Rover into his garage and unloaded the sandwiches and drinks he'd picked up at his favorite deli (he figured college guys after a game would definitely be hungry). On the way in, Jesse had listened to the conclusion of the Rutgers-Syracuse game on the car radio, and he realized that his guests might be a little downcast over the drubbing the Scarlet Knights had just taken at the pedo virgin bbs hands of the Orangemen. However, when Ryan Cubit called him on the cell phone to say they were on the 6 y.o pedo bbs way, he didn't sound too down about the loss - in fact Jesse chuckled to himself as he heard the exuberance and excitement in the young player's voice.As he waited for the guys to arrive, Jesse thought back to his recent conversation with Bledsoe. They agreed that for a lot of young players, groups like QC and JQC helped a lot in letting them explore their sexuality with other men. Some of the guys were pretty new to messing with guys, and the unspoken bond between athletic competitors seemed to break down some of the barriers. Though Jesse himself had started messing around with his jock buddies fairly early, he knew that some guys were apprehensive about tokyo teen bbs taking big dicks up their holes (especially since so many of the jocks in question had really big dicks)!!Jesse thought back to his own experiences growing up near Toronto. 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Doug won, but he surprised Jesse by "electing to receive", and Jesse got to go first, with Doug taking his turn at his buddy's hole an hour later in the shower. That was the first of many nights of grinding, sweaty Gator sex for the two stud teammates. As they began to meet up with other JQC and QC members, Jesse and Doug soon gained a reputation for their "Double Gator" trick. After Jesse had shoved his ten-incher up a hot jock's hole, Doug would maneuver next to his roomie so that he could ALSO shove his immense pole into the same stud fuckhole. The sensation of these double-fucks was incredible, for both of the Gator studs as well as for the lucky muscleboy who was getting all of that hard jock meat rammed up his hole. More than one hot SEC quarterback had discovered just how hot it was, and yahoo bbs young a couple of NFL stars even flew down to Gainesville in a private jet to experience it for themselves (they left VERY satisfied). As their pro careers began, Jesse and Doug still kept in close touch, and rooted for each other (except for a few weeks ago when the Falcons had played and beaten the Giants, that is)!Jesse was brought back to the present by the sound of the phone - it was security at the main gate, confirming his guests had arrived. Jesse paused in the guest bathroom - checked himself in the mirror, blue Giants golf polo with khaki slacks. He took a minute to gargle with some mouthwash, as he had previously nibbled on a spicy bit of a sandwich. Finished, looking at his perfect white teeth, he thought to himself "this should be fun" and he arrived just as a red Mustang pulled into 13 y.o. nude bbs the driveway.Quick introductions were made, with Jesse putting the initially teen bbs best awe-struck boys at ease with the request to dispense with the "Mr. Palmer" bull. Jesse noted that the photos on the web site had done them no justice - they were MUCH better looking in the 'flesh'!"Hey guys, glad you're here - any problems finding it"?"No, Mr. Palm - whoops, I mean, Jesse. No problem, that is, except for Tony's backseat bbs underground search pedo driving"."Hey, I was not - I just pointed out bbs model sandra that you almost took out a school bus when you swerved to make that parkway exit, Ryan"."OK, grab your gear and let's go in."Jesse chuckled as the good-natured shocking cp bbs banter continued as he brought the guys inside. They stowed their bags in the guest bedroom, in which Jesse had set up a couple pedoworld portal bbs of air mattresses to add to the main bed. Moving down the hall, the boys were definitely impressed with Jesse's media room. A couple of very soft black leather couches sat opposite a large, modern tiled fireplace, providing a comfortable refuge from what was going to be a cold night. ocean bbs kds In direct sight line of the couches sat Jesse's newest toy, a huge flat-panel high-definition TV. The room also held a computer desk along with enough stereo DVD and electronic game gear to stock a small Circuit City store.The boys were very happy when Jesse asked if they were hungry - they hadn't eaten since before their game and were starving, not being sure if they should grab food on the way up. They took the food into the media room and chowed down. The guys talked football, of course, but Jesse also asked each guy about his home area and about their classes at school, genuinely wanting to know them better. And Jesse, only a bbs art models childrens couple of years removed from college, fit right in with his new, albeit slightly younger friends. By the time elwebbs nudes the food had disappeared (literally - Jesse chuckled to himself as he noted that there was not even a crumb left on the platter), it was like they'd been best friends for a long time.Since the cleanup was so short, the guys quickly went back into the media room. Jesse got a fire going as Ryan Cubit and Tony moved to one of latina picture bbs the couches, sitting right up against each other, bbs mainz still trading the occasional joking insult. Jesse noticed that Ryan Hart seemed to be a bit reticent - a little shy, no doubt. Jesse smiled at Hart and motioned him over; Hart, looking a bit relieved, sat next to their host (but not too close - Ryan very much wanted to make a good impression and didn't want to take stuff for granted). The three Rutgers boys looked at each other, seeming to grasp that Jesse was about to broach the subject that xxx young model bbs they were all really there to talk about."Guys, I know that you understand that everything we say, and do, here is totally private, right"?All zep bbs guestbook three guys answered positively, nodding their heads as well."Good. And I know that you already know from when you talked to Drew Bledsoe that both the Q Club and JQ are about athletes like us being comfortable and just hanging out together. Partying, too - we recognize that we're public figures so part of why Q exists is to give ourselves some nn japanese bbs private space. If ANYTHING doesn't feel right, if anything is not what you want to do, or if you feel the time isn't the right time, you have everyone's understanding that it's OK to say "no" or "not yet - OK?"The nodded, silent but clearly paying rapt attention. Jesse noticed that Tony's right hand was gently stroking Ryan Cubit's muscular thigh."Let's talk about our sexual experiences. shy angels bbs Since I'm the host, I'll go first". Each guy in turn told similar stories - about being BMCO jocks and about always having the hottest chicks around. But each also told of, while in high school, having their feelings of attraction to guys become very strong. The contrast between soft female bodies and the hard, muscular bodies of their teammates, especially as they saw them regularly in the locker rooms and showers, had really gotten each guy incredibly turned on. The difference was in how they had their first male naked bbs encounter. Ryan Cubit recounted his story about the Nike camp at UMASS when Drew Bledsoe had done a throwing clinic. Drew came by after dinner and invited him to talk, and they had ended up back at the pro player's hotel.Tony had been messing around with an older neighbor who rowed crew at Princeton, so he had already had some sexual experiences when he met Ryan Cubit. Ryan had moved to New Jersey with his family when his klass nude bbs dad took the Rutgers offensive coordinator job. They became instant meeting free bbs model 12 when they met during recruiting. One day just before Tony graduated, Ryan was up visiting Tony in his room and saw a copy of XY magazine in Tony's bookcase. Tony was scared but was immediately pleased when his cute blond buddy confessed that he too was "bi or maybe gay". After that Tony had joked that Ryan had sucked his dick in order to get him to sign his letter of intent. Cubit had responder asian image boards bbs that "Well I must suck pretty damned good, because you signed it."Ryan Hart's background was a bit different - he told of a lot of curiosity and desire for male sex, but he never acted on his impulses until just after arriving at college. Tony was his roommate, but was never there because he was spending most nights at Ryan's parents' house, where the basement had been remodeled into a private apartment. One day Hart had a cancelled trip and returned early and walked in on Cubit and Tony "in the act". The two guys panicked for a moment, but calmed down when Hart told them about his own feelings - before too long the two-way became a three-way.Jesse noticed that the two guys on the opposite couch were now hugging, their hands gently stroking each other's thighs and torsos. He smiled and gave Ryan Hart a glance as to say "looks like they're starting the party without us"."Hey guys, are we invited"?"Yeah man - bring your big dicks over here and let us blow you". Jesse was a little surprised at their forwardness, but hell, bbs nymphs he was horny and hard after all that sex talk, and judging by the big bulge in Ryan twinks bbs Hart's sweats, so was the young freshman. Before they could walk over, Cubit and Cali were already on heir knees - Tony getting Jesse's fat monster out of his slacks while Cubit had a slightly easier time getting Hart's hefty erection out from under the waistband of his sweats. Wow, thought Jesse, this kid isn't even nineteen and he can already take me all rape sex bbs the way down (a lot of more experienced guys struggled to take all of Jesse's mega-meat down their throats). Jesse's fat jocknuts were at that moment bouncing off the dark-haired boy's chin. He looked over to his right, where any shyness Ryan Hart may have previously felt was gone, as he forcefully thrust his thick jockpole between his blond team captain's lips.Tony pulled his mouth back and concentrated on the NFL stud's big, helmet shaped dick head. He drove Jesse crazy as he moved his wet tongue repeatedly over the sensitive corona. Ryan Cubit was equally busy on the twin orbs in Hart's low hanging scrotum. He licked over and over, knowing how much Hart loved having his nuts eaten.After a moment Cubit released Hart's big testicles from his mouth, letting the big hairy balls hang under Hart's slightly curved boner. "One sec - position change" Ryan said to Jesse as he got behind Tony. Jesse was curious as girl bbs image to what was going to happen next. Cubit was soon directly behind his dark-haired buddy, kneeling so that he could press directly against the 6'5 stud's broad back. He quickly teen blow job bbs undid the Velcro snaps of Tony's Adidas track pants, yanking them down along with his navy blue A&F boxer briefs in one motion. Tony's fat uncut 8 incher, child bbs nude nice and stiff, bounced up and down a couple of times, a bit of precum glistening at the tip.Cubit quickly got his own cargo pants and boxers down to his knees. The blond's big jockpole, the same length as his buddy's, differed in the coloration of his light-colored bush and also in that it was one of those hot pricks that curved up, vertically, standing straight up and out from his pubic area. Watching Cubit get behind Tony, Jesse understood that Cubit was going to fuck Tony. Wow, these two are really hot for each other, he thought. But then he realized that he should get them something to at least lubricate Cubit's thick twenty-year old shaft so that it wouldn't tear up Tony's tight teen jock ass.Tony looked up and smiled. "You don't need to worry, man - I already lubed up. I took care of it back in the locker room restroom before we left."The thought of a masculine, straight-looking jock lubing his asshole in a stadium locker room was one that Jesse filed top alfa porn bbs away in his mind for use when he was on the road in a hotel room and needed a hot mental image to jack off to!"OK, Cubes. I'm ready. Jesse, as soon as he's in, you and Hart stand next to each other and slide both of those fat poles in my mouth"!Jesse smiled at the other tall freshman, so handsome, big cock iron hard erect, his eyes a little glazed with sexual heat."C'mon Hartsie, you heard your buddy, let's go fuck us some mouth.""Oh man, that HURTS" Tony mock yelled as he felt his best buddy's big piece of jock meat penetrate his hot asshole opening, still slippery from the copious lube he'd put there earlier."Sure, Cali, sure. Should I pull it out"?"Not if you know what's good for you. Looking at the other two studs, Tony said "OK boys, slide those two fat jock dicks in my mouth"!Ryan Hart looked at Jesse, as preteem nude bbs if asking permission. ls bbs ukraine With a million-watt smile, Jesse motioned for Hart bbs model top young to move right against him. He reached his big arm around Hart's shoulder get their torsos as close as possible. This position allowed them to get their hard dicks as close as possible, in order to reach Tony's mouth together. The feeling of Jesse's smooth muscular flesh against his was so electric, Ryan struggled not to cum right away. As good as Tony could suck cock, the fact that he was standing dick-to-dick right up against such a good looking NFL player was making Ryan's mind go crazy.Then to make things even worse (actually better) Jesse nuzzled his head against Hart's neck, moving his mouth a bit so that his tongue could reach the freshman's ear. "Oh yeah Ryan, I like being next to you - my dick is twice as hard because it's touching yours"Once again the freshman had to summon all of his physical control not to shoot at those incredibly hot words. The smell of Jesse's clean jock sweat was intoxicating -- and so was the movement of Jesse's hands, the long fingers now gently sliding down the smoothness of Ryan Hart's muscled back. Down, lower in back, until the tips of Jesse's fingers grazed the small of his back, just barely touching the very top of Ryan's bbs nude illegal deep ass crack. Ryan moved his body just a bit, wanted to indicate that he wanted Jesse to keep going. The handsome NFL jock picked up on it and let just his index and middle fingers travel down the bbs 13 years sex edges of the young stud's cheeks. The creamy smoothness of the rounded flesh felt magical to Jesse, as he probed just a bit more and felt the very light bit of hair that guarded Ryan Hart's hot virgin ass pucker.Cubit's loud voice broke through their senses. "Do it, you big-dicked mother fuckers. Shoot both of your hot loads into his mouth. I'm ready to blast a big load up your hole, Calz - you want it"?"You know I do - c'mon, pound my ass HARD. Slam it! Let bbs fotos x me feel your Cubit Cock, you pedo boy bbs blond bastard!""Yeah - I'm gonna fill your tight freshman hole, buddy" - NOW!Ryan Cubit lost it right then -- Tony Cali's vise-like hole had started to spasm as the kneeling freshman's jock little nymphs bbs load began to shoot out of ls magazine models bbs the big pole. Thinking quickly, he grabbed his boxers and wrapped his dick with them just bbs teens 12 as the white semen began to jet out, so that cum wouldn't mess up Jesse's carpet. The contractions of the eighteen-year-old jock's anus literally milked his older buddy's sauce, drawing multiple injections of Cubit Cum out of the hot blond captain's nuts and deep up inside him.Tony's mouth was open wide, taking in the enormous twin jock shafts. The NFL pole and the NCAA pole thrust together, the mutual friction driving both tall studs crazy. At the exact moment that Jesse's index finger pushed a bit deeper and made contact with the entrance to Ryan Hart's studboy pucker, Jesse felt hot cream along the length of his shaft - the evidence of Ryan's hot orgasm! As hot as Tony's mouth was, the knowledge that the cute young jock was ejaculating right against his own dick made Jesse pop as well. In turn, Jesse's cum shot with great force, flooding Tony's gulping mouth, eager not to let a drop of the double load get away. Still shooting cum, Jesse quickly grabbed Hart's hand and clamped it at the base of his dick. Ryan immediately squeezed and was able to feel the awesome sensation of Jesse's ejaculatory contractions, simultaneously increasing Jesse's pleasure even more.The spent boys rested for a few minutes, then cleaned up and listened as Jesse stated that New Jersey J models free bbs Junior Q had just gained three members! Smiling nudes bbs broadly, they all got up and grabbed a guestbook bbs child shower before heading for their beds, hoping to dream big-dicked jock dreams.Later in the night, Jesse awoke and, feeling a children porn pictures bbs bit hungry, walked down the hallway towards teens nude bbs top the kitchen, to see if any food had bbs kds toplist survived the earlier feeding frenzy. Passing the guestroom, he peeked inside and noticed that Ryan Cubit and Tony Cali were in the large bed spooned together, completely out of it - they looked so cute, laying together, arms entwined. He also noticed that Ryan Hart was not on either of the air mattresses, although a sound of flushing from toplist bbs kiddy the guest restroom farthest away from the bedrooms explained that. Jesse moved down the hallway, coughing as the restroom door opened so ls art bbs magazine that Hart would know he was there and not be startled."Ryan - hey, what's up?""Oh hi Jesse - I used this restroom so that the noise would be less - sorry if I woke you up?""No actually I was already up - in fact I was a little hungry - you're welcome to join me in the kitchen""Sure"!"Hey look - macadamia nut cookies! And how about some milk"?"Oh man, milk and cookies - just like kindergarten"."Hey, I aim to please"! Jesse handed Ryan his glass and smiled as the hungry kid scarfed down a cookie in two bites"These are girls forums bbs awesome cookies, Jesse; thanks. And, um, thanks most of all for letting me come here". Jesse pulled his chair up close to Ryan and reached for his cookie."You're definitely welcome - it's kind of funny""What's that?""Your party teens bbs two teammates kind of strike me as a, you know, bbs teen xxx a couple"."So you picked up on it so fast - yeah, they have gotten to know each other really well, since Ryan moved to the area with his family"."I hope you don't mind me talking about this""No, not one bit. I - well, actually it's great having a chance to having someone to talk about this stuff. I'm not complaining - the guys are great - they go out of their way bbs lisy to include me and everything, but I have some guilt feelings - that I'm sort of causing them to little bbs rompl lose out on time they could be by themselves"."The classic third-wheel, barely legal bbs huh"?"Exactly. Hey, when you retire from football, you should be a shrink"."Oh yeah right - Dr. Palmer"!"It's just that - well you know, they're my only outlet right now. I mean, sexual outlet. All of my experiences with bbs hentai art guys have been with them. I'm still real new to it"."But you do like bbs list it"?"Like it? I LOVE it, to be honest. I always knew I was attracted to dudes - and the more I got into sports the more the attraction got"."Ryan - I was the same way. I always knew what I wanted, but it took that unexpected incident in Toronto to make me sure"."Like when I walked in on the guys - I thought hey, we adult max bbs touz have some stuff in common besides football""Ryan- I have to tell you, I really liked what we did before. It was fun to do it with the guys, but what I especially liked was that those two horny showoffs managed to get us standing next to each other"."Really?""Yes really - just rubbing against your hot body almost made me lose control too early. And touching your incredible butt and turning you on was completely awesome"."Just touching your incredible stud muscle body was a super turn-on, Jesse. You are so goddamn studly""Hey Hartsie - there's a big king size bed down the hall with room for two - it would be really hot if you and I - ""Are you honestly saying you'd let me get in bed with you - just us?"Jesse nudged his chair close enough to where he could reach over and run his hand over Ryan's short-cropped hair. "Dude - I really think you're hot"Ryan just sat there for a moment, stunned that this godlike handsome guy was complementing thai porn bbs HIM - and he was even more surprised when Jesse got out of his chair and leaned over and kissed him - not just on the lips but tongue too!!!!"What do you say we continue this in the bedroom?Ryan could only nod, but his smile broke through as Jesse led him back down the hall. Jesse shut the door and stood before the base of the large bed, in front of a set of mirrors that doubled as sliding closet doors."Come over here, beautiful - let's get naked".It took only a few moments for the two tall studs to get completely nude. Jesse got behind Ryan, and wrapped his muscular arms around the hot freshman. Jesse nuzzled his neck, then looked up at the mirror, momentarily studying their pressed-together frames - both stood 6'2, but Jesse had 30 pounds on Ryan. No problem, Ryan was only 18 and would soon put on some muscle in the Rutgers weight room.Jesse released his grip on Ryan's body for a moment. "Last one on the bed is a rotten egg".They continued on for a few minutes, just lost in each other's masculine beauty. Making out. Oh man, how much both guys loved the kissing, the lip-to-lip contact and then hymen virgin bbs mpeg opening their mouths for some tongue thrashing.Jesse felt very turned on - his huge cock, rubbing against Ryan's almost-as-big dick, had the extra rigidity that signaled a sandrateen bbs heightened state of excitement. Most of all, he wanted to take his time and make sure Ryan had a really good time. Jesse broke their embrace and was going to move down to take Ryan's dick into girls photography bbs his mouth when he felt Ryan take hold of his right hand. He let the younger jock move his hand down, a little lower, until his fingertips were against the slightly sweaty edge of Ryan's crack."It was so incredible when you touched my ass before - would you please do it again"?"Sure Ryan, art bbs child model but I also want to show you something even better". Jesse was close enough so that he needed only to slide down the bed a skinny teen bbs little bit, then his head was in perfect position to press up against those smooth eighteen-year-old buns."Oh man, I touched it before, but now I want to see it - Ryan, show mw your hole, man, I want to see it -- then I want to photo bbs asian lick it for you"!Ryan let out a slight moan, instantly loving the idea. He reached sweet little bbs back to grip his butt cheeks, rounded, smooth and firm. Spreading his glutes apart, he looked back at his older friend and asked "is it OK, Jesse? Is my hole hot"?Jesse answered not with words but with the probing wetness of his tongue. Ryan was again pleasantly surprised at the force of Jesse's oral exploration - the firm tip of his tongue moving in circular motions in a circle, at the actual hair-ringed edge of his hole - his virgin hole. As good as that felt, it was no match for the hot sensation of Jesse's tongue actually entering his asshole - Oh man, an NFL quarterback is eating my hole!Jesse pulled up chld afrika bbs after a few moments of wet probing. "That feel good, hot stuff? You like having that little hole eaten out"?"Oh god - yes - it's the hottest thing ever, man"!"You taste good, too. Your hole is really wet with jock assjuice, buddy"."Oh man - that's so hot"Jesse took his left index finger to the rim of Ryan's pucker, and gently rubbed just inside; withdrawing, he then moved up to Ryan's face, and put his moistened finger under Ryan's nose."Here, hot boy, sniff - smell your ass on my finger"Ryan LOVED this hot taboo act! "Yeah - I like that - smelling my hole on your finger". But ..."Jesse paused for a moment - was Ryan OK?"Jesse - there's one wrong thing - what I smell on your finger is virgin ass -- and -- and, I don't want it to be virgin beauty nude bbs any more!"Jesse's dick gave an involuntary throb - Oh man, would he ever like to fuck this totally jock freshman - Jesse thought because of his inexperience super model child bbs that Ryan would wan to wait, cartoon art bbs but he lola bbs ls was ready!"You sure, buddy?""You want to, don't you"?"God, more than anything, Ry - but I'm sort of big and I want you to feel good""But Jesse, that's why I want you to - because I trust you"Another throb. Oh man this kid is so hot, so natural. Jesse opened a drawer on the nightstand."Let's get that quarterback hole all lubed up""Hey Jesse, can I put the stuff on your dick for you?"After a few moments, they were ready - by instinct, they moved into position, Ryan on his back, Jesse on top of him. Ryan loved his buddy's weight on top of him. Jesse's dick, now extra slippery with the lubrication, was nestled against the also-slicked nearly hairless crack of the younger jock's ass."You ready, buddy"?"Yeah - do it - c'mon Jesse, fuck my hole. Do it, you hot motherfucker, slide your big shaft up me""Oh yeah - gonna pop by bud's cherry for him""Push push it in - please oh Jesse yes - fuck me"!Jesse's oversized dickhead pressed firmly, even forcefully, and finally the tip of the big quarterback's prick had pressed through."OH MAN!!!! OWWW - FUCKIN HURTS"!"Ryan - oh god, are you ok - oh shit, I'll take it out""NO! - Please - don't - Let me adjust""Are you sure""Jesse, bbs sex pic between my virgin butt and your monster shaft, there has to be some pain - it's worth it - to let you be the one to take my virginity""Oh shit you're so young girls bbs portals hot - you tell me when bbs child model nude - I'll hold still -"Yeah - just like that - my ass muscles are getting used to your cock. Push just a little bit - like that - slow - so good".Jesse was slowly but surely making progress, a quarter inch at a time, getting gradually deeper into the cute freshman's hole. Besides the incredible tightness, he was surprised as he felt Ryan's muscle walls began to contract and squeeze - this kid is a virgin and he knows by instinct how to milk my dick - WOW!"Feels so sex picture bbs fuckin' GOOD - oh Jesse - please start, fuck into me - shove it up me""You OK - liking it in there""No pain any more - just like in those illegal list bbs dirty stories I jack off to"Jesse almost laughed at Ryan's line - but he also didn't want to break the building sexual tension. The two jocks were communicating now less with dirty talk than with increasingly forceful movements. Although Jesse was on top of him, dick firmly planted up his asshole, Ryan met each of Jesse's energetic thrusts with thrusts of his own. 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Jock-fuck me, big man!!""Yeah you want it? You ready for some jock cum up that hole"?"Yeah! Oh Jesse - you're gonna be the first to shoot in me - up my rompl bbs sex ass! Up my tight teenage ass! Sperm me, goddamn it - NOW! ""Oh goddamn motherfuck - Oh shit - Ryan - it's too - oh YAAA!!Jesse's final thrust was the hardest of all - Ryan's heart skipped a beat in that second between Jesse's deepest penetration and the first feeling of wetness up against his anal walls - oh shit YEA - Jesse was cumming inside him.By instinct, Jesse forcefully pressed his mouth, his tongue, lips against those of his partner as his semen ejaculated deep inside the cute freshman. Every spasm of his buried pole was matched by a spasm of Ryan's walls as the collegiate stud joined Jesse in orgasmic bliss. 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Contentment - residual lust - satisfaction."Please - please stay in me""I'm not going anywhere, bud""Oh Jesse - god - it was so good - so hot""Yeah -- I can tell you liked it - I sure did too""Like you remember your night with Alexandre, Jesse, I'll always remember this night"."Sure, sure.""What's so funny, Jesse"?"I was thinking -- Ryan, when you becomes Super Bowl MVP some day, I'll be able teen bbs tgp small to tell people that you I once did the nasty.""I can do you better"!"Go ahead""When I'm Super Bowl MVP, they're gonna ask me where I'm going, and I'm gonna look into the camera russian schoolgirl bbs and say "Fuck Disney World, I'm going over to Jesse's to Fuck"!Laughing, still in the afterglow of jock sex at its best, the two buddies pulled the covers over their heads, pressing close as they continued to kiss until sleep gradually overtook them, content in each other's strong arms.
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